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Hip Hip Hooray: Is Walking Good for Hip Pain?


Many people of all ages experience hip pain at times for a wide variety of reasons. If you are someone who feels pain in one or both hips, on an occasional or chronic basis, you surely want to find relief.

Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to reduce any pain that may arise in this part of your body. 

 Walking is one of the easiest and most common types of exercise. In fact, over 145 million adults in the United States count walking among their favorite and most frequent types of activities. It’s great for so many reasons; it’s easy, it can be done anywhere, it gives people a chance to get outdoors, it can be done alone or with friends, it helps people meet their weekly physical activity goals, and it’s absolutely free. 

If you’re someone who enjoys walking for exercise, but who also experiences hip pain, you may wonder if your walks are making your pain better or worse. Is walking good for hip pain, or is walking a bad idea for hip pain sufferers?

To learn more about walking and hip pain, read on. This post will answer your questions.


Hip pain can be caused by a number of different things. 

One of the most common causes of hip pain is arthritis. Although arthritis is most common in older adults, it can affect people at any age. There are a number of different types of arthritis but the most common is osteoarthritis; it arises due to wear and tear on the joints. It’s not surprising, then, that in one study, 14% of people over sixty reported that they experience serious hip pain on a regular basis. 

People suffer from hip pain for other reasons as well. Some people find that their hips hurt after recovery from an injury like a fractured or broken hip or a hip dislocation. This pain can also be caused by general inflammation or inflammatory diseases. Conditions like tendonitis or bursitis, sciatica, osteoporosis, and some cancers may play a part as well. 


No matter what the cause of your hip pain, you may wonder whether or not walking is good for hip pain. Of course, we never use our hips as much as we do when we are walking. With every step we take, the ball of this large joint moves in its socket, so it’s a very sensible thing to wonder about. 

However, you’ll be glad to hear that in almost all cases, walking is something that is good for hip pain. Regardless of the issue causing the pain in your hip, you will benefit from going on regular walks. 

This is true for so many reasons. First, regular exercise helps to keep the muscles around the hip strong and flexible. This will help to control any swelling that may occur around a damaged joint. When someone sits all the time, the lack of movement will cause pain and stiffness to increase. It is through regular motion that you will keep the joint lubricated and the muscles active.

Furthermore, the general benefits of exercise will help your hip pain to improve as well. If you are overweight, any loss of weight will help decrease hip pain. Often, when people get down to a healthy weight, they find that their hip pain disappears altogether.


If you suffer from hip pain, you should try adding daily walks to your routine if you don’t walk already. Starting a walking program is easy; sticking to it will be the challenge.

Be sure to take time for warming up and stretching before you begin. Applying heat to your hip before you head out on a walk will help to loosen up the muscle for the activity to come. 

Start with short walks and take your time. There’s no need to rush; you’re not in a race. Over time, the length of your walks can increase and you can begin to walk faster as well. When you complete each walking session, give yourself some time to stretch and cool down. You may want to apply the heating pad again, too.

How far and how long you walk doesn’t matter as much as walking on a consistent basis. Try to make walking a habit. To keep it interesting, vary your route each day or invite friends to walk along with you.


Walking is one of the best ways to relieve hip pain. But, if you find that despite a daily walk you are still experiencing it, there are other options available to you as well.

If you’ve had a hip injury, ongoing physical therapy can help you immensely. Even if you’ve completed your initial course, therapy should continue if you still need it.

People with arthritis can speak to their doctors about medications to help relieve pain and stiffness. These medications can be a big help to you, but don’t forget to keep walking, too.

Alternative therapies may be helpful for you as well. Holistic therapies like chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture are effective for many people with hip pain. 

To help keep your hip pain at bay on your own at home, your walking routine should be balanced with a stretching routine. There are good stretches for hip pain that you can learn and practice to keep your hips fluid, strong, loose, and flexible. 


No one wants to suffer from hip pain on an ongoing basis, and no one should. There are so many wonderful, helpful treatments for this type of pain out there, and it all begins with walking. Walking is good for hip pain and you should try to walk as much as you can each day. You’ll find that in time and with consistency, your hip pain will diminish, and in a best case scenario, it will disappear altogether. Good luck!

If you’re interested in pursuing chiropractic care in the western Chicago suburban area, please make an appointment with us today. We can’t wait to help support your battle against hip pain. Together, we can help you find relief. 

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