Elbow Pain and Tennis Elbow Treatment at Victory Rehab Chiropractic Clinic

A common area of pain in the forearm can be do to a condition known as “lateral epicondylitis” more commonly know as tennis elbow. It is not however, limited to tennis players. Many other types of repetitive activities can also lead to tennis elbow. For example, painting with a brush, running a chain saw, extended hours of computer work, and using many types of hand tools can stress the same forearm muscles causing symptoms of tennis elbow.
Tennis elbow causes pain that starts on the outside bump of the elbow, known to physicians as the lateral epicondyle. The forearm muscles that bend the wrist back attach at this spot and are connected by a single tendon. Often many repetitive daily activities can overuse these muscles causing the body to undergo an inflammatory response. The main symptom of tennis elbow is tenderness and pain that starts at the outside of the forearm. The pain may spread down the forearm and may go down as far as the middle and ring fingers. The forearm muscles may also feel tight and sore in tennis elbow. The pain usually gets worse when you bend your wrist backward, turn your palm up, or hold something with a stiff wrist or straightened elbow.
How can your doctor be sure you have tennis elbow? Usually the chiropractors at Victory rehab in Naperville IL will begin your first visit with a detailed medical history. You will need to answer questions about your pain, how your pain affects your, your regular activities, and past injuries to your elbow. Then Dr. Tom or Dr. Chris will perform a physical examination; the most important step is diagnosing tennis elbow. Treatment will be determined after the examination and will begin assuming your condition does not warrant any further evaluation.
We work with all major medical insurances and have two convenient locations, Naperville IL & Geneva IL. If you would like to have a consult & examination with one of our great chiropractors simply click the link below.
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