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Why Should You See a Chiropractor for Scoliosis in Naperville?


Scolosis is a common back condition that can cause major discomfort. Read here to find out why you should see a chiropractor for scoliosis in Naperville!

Are you suffering from scoliosis and looking for relief? Or do you have consistent back pain, but haven’t found a diagnosis? 

Everyone experiences back pain from time to time from too much exertion to sleeping the wrong way or maybe even an accident or trauma. The treatment for minor back injuries is rest at home and simply time. 

Scoliosis is a completely different issue and needs medical intervention. The good news is help is closer than you think. It’s right around the corner with an experienced chiropractor in Naperville, Illinois. 

Read on for why you should see a chiropractor for scoliosis.


A normal spine has a natural forward and backward curve from the shoulder to the lower back. Scoliosis is a condition where a rotation of the spine occurs and the curve goes side-to-side. 

Mild cases often go unnoticed and may never cause an issue. However, for some, it not only causes noticeable physical deformity but also severe pain.

A diagnosis of scoliosis sounds scary and even debilitating. The good news is for most it is quite manageable. While most treatments do not actually return the spine to its original form, symptoms can be controlled. 

This is why you should see a Naperville chiropractor for treatment and to manage the pain so you can resume a productive and active life.  


There is still uncertainty on the exact cause of scoliosis. 

It is a hereditary trait and often shows up in the same family. A birth defect in the spine may also lead to scoliosis. 

Individuals with cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy are often predisposed to scoliosis. It can also be brought on by an accident, spine injury, or infection. 

There are even some instances where a job or recreational activities can either bring on a spine misalignment or make an existing one worse. 


About 3% of the population has some form of scoliosis according to a recent estimate. 

Many cases begin in early adolescence at the onset of puberty. Young females are slightly more susceptible.

During a growth spurt, a slight misalignment of even one vertebra can cause a small bend. Over time, if the bend worsens, it can become a serious issue. 

It is important to note also that adults can, and do, suffer from scoliosis. It may be a childhood condition that went undetected for several years. 

Age-related degenerative issues can also be a factor. Those suffering from osteoporosis often have ones in the lower spine lose their regular shape and start to curve sideways. 


Simply maintaining proper posture will not treat scoliosis. The problems run deeper than that.

Scoliosis treatment mainly works on managing the pain and stopping its progression. In severe cases, surgery may be required, but a less invasive approach should always be the first choice.

For most, a trained chiropractor can offer tremendous benefits in maintaining a normal life and resuming your daily activities. 


The first step is to correctly diagnose the issue. An x-ray is the best way to confirm. Your doctor will also take a complete medical history and determine any related factors. They will also need details on when and how your spine problems originated. 

Once you have a confirmed diagnosis, your doctor will formulate a specialized treatment plan. For those wishing to stay away from pain medication and expensive surgery, the care from a chiropractor will start to decrease discomfort and improve function.

Whether you have lived with it your entire life or it has come on through the aging process, chiropractic adjustments and exercises will relieve tension and dramatically reduce the pain. 


Chiropractors use non-evasive techniques to reduce discomfort. Their skilled adjustments reduce inflammation and aid with the restrictions caused by the misalignment. 

These adjustments also improve flexibility and range of motion. You will experience greater mobility and begin to enjoy a more active lifestyle. 

Exercises and Techniques

In addition to adjustments, your chiropractor will design an exercise routine, especially for your situation. These exercises will work to strengthen your core muscles and put less strain on your spine. 

Stretching is also highly beneficial in managing the pain and increasing flexibility. It works to decrease the tension in the surrounding muscles. 

Believe it or not, deep breathing exercises are an important part of your treatment plan. Learning proper breathing techniques will help relieve tension and stabilize your spine. 

Once your Naperville chiropractor has worked out the right regiment and answered your questions, you will be able to carry on these techniques at home for increased benefit. 


Mild forms of scoliosis can often go undetected and present few problems. And not all back pain stems from this condition. However, there are times when symptoms call for help from an experienced chiropractor. 

If you are suffering from persistent back pain and muscle spasms and no other remedies have been successful, you should schedule an appointment. 

If you notice your body has started to show the effects of a curved spine it’s time to seek help. Some signs are a shoulder blade that protrudes out further than the other.

Another indicator is when the ribs stick out more on one side than the other. Uneven leg length can also be a sign of a spine issue. 


If you are suffering from progressing scoliosis, the good news is you do not have to continue to live in pain. 

Seeing a Naperville chiropractor for scoliosis is your first step in finding relief. From the moment you walk in, the goal will be to assess your situation and work out a treatment plan. 

Here at Victory Rehab, we pride ourselves on being the best chiropractic clinics in the area. We work to provide the best care and our patients are our priority. 

Let us bring relief and help you resume your daily activities. Make an appointment today for an exam and consultation. 

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