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How a Chiropractor Can Help Ease Your Shoulder Pain


Why You Should Absolutely See a Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain


In the United States, there are over 70,000 chiropractors certified and practicing. 

These chiropractors treat a variety of conditions, people see them for almost everything. One condition that people suffer from is shoulder pain. Every day people seek out a chiropractor for shoulder pain.

Our shoulders are being used almost every moment of the day. From typing to lifting, almost every job features repetitive, damaging work for our shoulders. Even our leisure activities, sports, staying in shape, and an active lifestyle can put our shoulders in jeopardy. 


Chiropractors are experts at fixing joint pain, and shoulders are no exception. To achieve these results, our chiropractors in Naperville, IL, and Geneva, IL approach each problem as a unique challenge. They combine all their knowledge to get your fixed up and back to feeling great. 

The shoulder is a complicated series of joints, muscles, and tendons. Injuries to this area are often very uncomfortable and make living a normal life impossible. Once your shoulder starts hurting and you try to do something as simple as tie your shoe, you realize just how limiting this injury can be. 


One of the worst things that can occur due to a shoulder injury is a reduction in mobility. Things like frozen shoulders and other injuries can make it hard to rotate or raise your arm. If this happens, the range of physical activities you are capable of will decrease. 

Seeking a chiropractor for shoulder pain is a great way to regain mobility. They will do this by manipulating the joints and damaged areas, if they are healed enough for mobility to be restored. If not, you will be back to normal sooner, the quicker you get in and start treatment. 


Any type of injury sustained to a joint will lead to inflammation. Lactic acid and other natural substances that occur in the body are to blame for this. It is also the body trying to deal with the injury, based on survival impulses. This does not help us in the modern world, and so it must be treated. 

Seeing a chiropractor is a great way to reduce inflammation in your joints, and in this case, shoulder. Removing the inflammation will go a long way in reducing pain and regaining mobility. It is important that all of your body systems are aligned when you are healing from an injury of this kind. 


If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, it is normal to be nervous. If you have just started to experience shoulder pain, or have been struggling with this issue, seeing a chiropractor is easy. You only need to book an appointment and come be seen. 

Visiting a chiropractor is not as scary as you may think. The pain you experience will, in most cases, pass as soon as it came. Many people even notice an immediate improvement in their condition. This means that you will feel better leaving than you did coming in. 

For more serious injuries and longer-term problems, it can take a few visits. The important thing is to listen to your chiropractor and follow the advice they are giving you. Many employers also accept notes and excusals from chiropractors but check with your employer just to be safe. 


One of the most common problems people experience are shoulder impingements. This type of condition causes pain when the shoulder is moved around the tip of the shoulder. For some people who experience this condition, it is enough to just take over the counter medicine and not use it for a day.

For others, this condition can be very difficult to deal with. The severity of the impingement is not the same from person to person. This can also mask a bigger issue that your chiropractor will be able to find and treat or advise you as to the options available. 

Often common injuries, like a sprain or hyperextension, don’t require medical intervention. These can be treated with common home remedies. How to relieve shoulder pain at home includes things like applying ice, massage, rest, and over the counter medications. 

When the injury continues to hurt, or if the pain gets worse, you should seek treatment. In this case, you should come and see our doctors and find out what they can do for you. Seeking a cost-effective treatment first can save you a lot of money in the long term. 


The answer is an overwhelming yes. Chiropractors help thousands of people across the country every day with shoulder pain. If you’re in the Geneva, IL or Naperville, IL area Victory Rehab can help you. If you’re not in our area, you should still seek out a chiropractor you can trust and get treatment. 

Getting a chiropractic shoulder adjustment can take care of more than just what is causing your pain. Imbalances and misalignments inside the body can lead to other conditions. This could be what is causing your back to hurt, or even causing you to get headaches.  

Chiropractors can also help deal with other pain, like knee pain. They can even treat a host of other conditions that you may also be experiencing. Whatever your problem is, you only stand to gain by coming in and seeing what we can do. 


Modern chiropractors are well versed in the physiology of the human body. They understand the connections that are made between each system the body relies on. Making sure that you are healthy and that those connections are robust can help prevent shoulder pain and injury from happening. 

Consider visiting a chiropractor for shoulder pain and to help improve your healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to be in terrible pain before you consider coming into the office and getting adjusted. Many problems start off small and grow in severity the longer we ignore them. Get treated as soon as possible, and let Victory Rehab get you back in the game of life. 

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