A Progressive Spine & Joint Wellness Center

A Progressive Spine & Joint Wellness Center

Chiropractic Treatment of Shoulder Pain & Dysfunction


Shoulder pain and dysfunction is a common chief complaint prompting a patient to seek out chiropractic care.  According to the Job Analysis of Chiropractors 2000, upper extremity pain and injury account for 8.6% of the chief complaints among chiropractic patients.  Moreover, after low back pain, shoulder pain is the second most common cause of occupational injury claims.  These statistics are not at all surprising when one takes an in depth look at the shoulder joint.  The shoulder is inherently one of the most unstable joints on the body.  

The shoulder is prone to a vast number of different pathologies: 

-adhesive capsulitis

-arthritides (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, polymyalgia rheumatica etc.) 

-inflammatory conditions

-impingement sydromes

Chiropractor shoulderpain
Shoulder impingement syndrome.  A common source of shoulder pain.

How can a chiropractor help shoulder pain?

At Victory Rehab chiropractic center we specialize in the treatment of non surgical shoulder conditions like the ones listed above.  We do so by a proper evaluation and functional exam looking at movement patterns within the shoulder to find the cause of pain and discomfort.  By offering specific soft tissue techniques and manual therapies we have achieved much success when dealing with shoulder conditions.  Both Dr. Tom and Dr. Chris have years of experience working with overhead athletes (baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, swimmers, etc…) as well as those whose activities of daily living involve overhead movement (office workers, manual labor, teachers, nurses, etc…) If you are experiencing shoulder discomfort Click Here to make an appointment for a comprehensive examination at our Naperville chiropractic clinic.

Dr. Chris works with patient experiencing shoulder impingement.
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Dr. Tom Campbell is a chiropractor who has become known as a go-to source for athletes in Naperville IL. He specializes in biomechanics and sport-specific rehab, and has been working with athletes of all levels for over 10 years. Dr. Tom is certified in acupuncture, and uses a variety of rehabilitative techniques to help his patients get back to their desired level of activity quickly and safely.


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