Victory Rehab Chiropractic Care Plans

Care plans at Victory Rehab are patient driven and doctor directed.  

A care plan is specifically tailored for each patient and designed with his or her goals in mind.  We realize that with varying degrees of symptoms, patient needs will also vary.  All patients have direct input into their individualized treatment schedules, and every care plan at Victory Rehab has a start, middle, and end.

 Low Back Pain - Care and Adjustment

Dr. Tom explains treatment of mechanical low back pain at our Naperville chiropractic clinic.

 In this video Naperville chiropractor Dr. Tom Campbell describes how a chiropractic adjustment of the low back helps decrease pain and increase function of the joints in the lumbar spine.  At his Naperville chiropractic clinic Dr. Tom helps patients accomplish their goals and get back to a healthy lifestyle.  To make an appointment to see Dr. Tom Campbell at his chiropractic clinic in Naperville call 630-857-3704 or click here.